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16 Things That Happen When Your Housemate Is Addicted To Makeup

"Oh, you've just done your makeup. I guess it's an *air kiss* again then."

1. You know to keep your distance in the mornings or before a night out.

2. You've long accepted that your housemate is a little ~two faced~.

3. You always know why they're asking if you can cover their share of the rent until pay day.

4. You know the state of your bathroom can go from good to a real fucking disaster very quickly.

5. And you always check what step in the contour they're up to before you asking what time they'll be ready to leave the house.

6. You always know where to find your missing towels.

7. You're forever finding these around the house.

8. And these around the basin.

9. You never have to ask which glass is theirs.

10. The longer you live with them, the easier it is to notice when they buy a new product.

11. And you're very aware of the fact that some words have a completely different meaning to them.

12. When you're out together and someone else who loves makeup starts talking business, you know you might as well give up and head home.

13. You've found their lashes in some weird AF places.

14. And at first glance you always think they're a huge ass spider.

15. You've completely given up trying to talk makeup with them.

16. But you're never stuck for birthday or "fuck I'm sorry I spilled red wine on your couch" presents.

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