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26 People Who Obviously Stole Willy Moon's Look

Have they never heard of intellectual property?

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Willy Moon is a New Zealand-born musician, who is married to fellow pop star Natalia Kills. Both are judges on New Zealand's The X Factor.

As widely known and appreciated as this fact is, there are still some ignorant copycats stepping out in this trend, without properly acknowledging Willy.


Last night, after contestant Joe Irvine performed dressed as Willy – "from the hair to the suit" – Natalia decided enough was enough and called him out.

But, of course, Joe isn't the only person totally stealing Willy's signature suit and hair look.

It's time to call out the rest.

You're all so busted.


For another reminder how people who BLATANTLY STEAL OTHER PEOPLE'S STYLE should be treated, please indulge in this lovely, kind, and oh-so-justified takedown.

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Now come on, guys, try and be at least a bit ~unique~ next time.

This post has been updated to reflect that Shiloh may prefer to be called John.

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