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    This Peanut Butter Hack Will Make Washing Your Dog So Much Easier

    H/T Reddit

    If you're blessed enough to own a dog, you probably know that most of them absolutely LOVE peanut butter.

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    And, I mean, it makes sense because peanut butter is delicious.

    Another thing you probably know about pups is that they love getting dirty.

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    So, naturally, baths are a big part of being a dog owner.

    But not all dogs love being washed, which is why this peanut butter hack is such a game-changer!

    This trick was posted on Reddit's r/lifehacks and was immediately upvoted by thousands of dog owners.

    The hack is simple: Smear some peanut butter on the wall of your bath or shower, so your dog stays still and blissfully distracted while you wash them.

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    It's actually just so genius! Then you can just spray the wall off at the end of their bath.

    I mean, look at this little Frenchie being such a good boy in the bath!

    And please, take a moment to admire this fluffy corgi happily being blowdried!

    It's also a great trick to keep in mind for brushing, combing, and fur trims.

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    AKA the only things dogs hate more than being bathed.

    H/T Reddit for this truly life-changing tip!