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    There Is A Bacon Festival Happening In A Sydney Warehouse This Weekend

    Yes, you read correctly.

    This Saturday, inside a Waterloo warehouse, a bacon-themed festival is being held between the hours of 10.30am and 3.30pm.

    This is BIG, guys.

    If your idea of the perfect day includes a hell of a lot of bacon, you'll probably have fun at this Brunch Of Fun party.

    Beyond ~hot food~ there'll be enough bacon-infused cocktails, and bacon-topped ice cream to satisfy your every bacon craving.

    N2 Gelato

    And Black Star Pastry will also be delivering these "Not So Vegan Bacon Cakes", straight to your mouth.

    Black Star Pastry

    Dessert legends Andy Bowden and Katherine Sabbath will also be whipping up goodies, so be sure to charge your phone, and stay logged into Instagram, because their treats are sure to be pretty.

    Now, bring on the bacon.


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