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26 Chicken Dishes Everyone In Sydney Needs To Try

Sorry KFC. These places just stole the game.

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1. Chicken Institute, Surry Hills

Let the garlic caramel glaze wash over you, and realise that this place is actually worthy of its name since they are the chicken masters.

2. Stuffed Beaver, Bondi

Tom's famous hot wings are half price on Wednesdays, so happy hump day, everyone.

3. Reuben Hills, Surry Hills

Order the Dirty Bird or the Really-Fucking-Great-Fried-Chicken (yes, that is a legit thing on the menu) and there's no way you'll be leaving disappointed.

4. Salty Rooster, Manly and Narrabeen

This chicken is totally ~Northern Beaches famous~ for very good reason.


5. Hartsyard, Newtown

Chicken skin scratchings. That is literally all the convincing you should need to go to Hartsyard. Because, COME ON.

6. El Jannah, Granville

Home of the greatest chicken kebab anyone has ever enjoyed, El Jannah may ruin a lot of rolls for you, but it's definitely worth it.

7. Miss Peaches Soul Food Kitchen, Newtown

Go for the BBQ chicken dinner, which comes with a side of mac 'n cheese.

8. Dove and Olive, Surry Hills

Head to Dove and Olive for an amazing chicken roll any day of the week, or head down on Mondays for a $9.90 schnitzel.


10. Chargrill Charlie's, various locations

Get your chicken fix and enough sides to make a meal that could totally pass as home-made.

11. Olie's Grilled Chicken, North Bondi

Grab the best takeaway burger of your life and head down to the North Bondi grassy knoll to enjoy your chicken with a beach view.


14. Lucky Tsotsi, Darlinghurst

Peri peri chicken livers night not be for everyone, but if they're for you, you've got to try these ones.

15. The Burger Shed, Mosman

Another one for chicken burger fans, The Burger Shed has many items on its menu, but you'd be silly to go past anything with that fine breast fillet.

16. Mamak, Chinatown and Chatswood

Mamak should be a household name for anyone who takes their chicken seriously. This Malaysian restaurant really does raise the bar.


18. Ms G's, Potts Point / Via Facebook: Ms.GsRestaurant

Every Tuesday you can grab a bucket of Ms G's chicken for $30. The best thing about this bucket is the five flavours of chicken available: hot and sour, salt and pepper, lemongrass ginger and shallot, honey mustard and sambal.

19. Surly's, Surry Hills

Everyone's obsessed with the new American-style Surly's, and their fried chicken has got to be at least 60% of the reason.


21. Spice Temple, Sydney

Ain't nobody do kung pao chicken like Neil Perry does. That's for sure.

22. Mary's, Newtown

Yeah, yeah, Mary's burgers are good and all - but their chicken is some next level shit. Enjoy with a side of potato and gravy and you've got yourself a meal worth bragging about.

24. The Glenmore, Sydney

It's time to fulfill your life long dream of eating chicken on a roof. Plus, look how pretty...

25. Beschico, Epping

Known as the "best Korean fried chicken in Sydney", there are more variations of this magical meat than you could dream of at Beschico.

26. The Morrison, Sydney

If you're in the mood for finger food and don't feel like tackling an oyster, Sean's chicken lollipops are the go-to at The Morrison.