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19 Photos That Prove Lorde's Hair Is Literally Flawless

All hail the hair queen.

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1. This time it was perfectly lit like hair straight outta heaven.

2. This time it was hanging out with Kanye like it was no big deal.

3. This time it sat perfectly front row.

4. This time it was sleek and oh-so smooth.

5. This time it was illustrated beautifully.

6. This time it was way better than any hoodie.

7. This time it created the best top knot ever.

8. This time it looked so damn pretty sitting next to Karlie Kloss.

9. This time it had a good laugh with Jimmy Fallon.

10. This time it made straight hair seem like the best idea ever.

11. This time it looked perfect in curls.

12. This time is rocked a headpiece fit for royalty.

13. This time it totally owned the stage.

14. This time it looked so wild and free.

15. This time it covered ELLE magazine.

16. This time it covered most of V.

17. This time it peeked out from underneath a hat.

18. This time it took glam to a whole new level.

19. And this time it was the best pillow anyone could possibly imagine.


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