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22 Iconic Supre Items Every '00s Girl Owned And Loved

"You know what would go great with that? A material belt."

1. Material belt

Definitive proof that anything can pass for a belt if it has a buckle.

2. Bow headband

The best $3 you ever spent, especially if you could find one in your school's uniform colour.

3. Waist belt

Essentially just a long piece of fake coloured leather, these "belts" didn't hold up any pants but boy-oh-boy were they a ~fashion statement~.

4. Slogan tee

Tim / Via Flickr: hellofish

The best way to tell the world what a boss bitch you were.

5. More slogan tees

The more problematic the better.

6. Even MORE slogan tees

Mr. Fink's Finest Photos / Via Flickr: mrfink

You were just trying to do your part.

7. Boobtubes

Who needed straps?

8. A questionable denim skirt

In hindsight you can totally understand why your parents didn't love you leaving the house in this.

9. Something – ANYTHING – fluro

Flickr: pridiva

You didn't know what "DIRTY DIRTY HOUSE MUSIC" was exactly, but you knew you wanted something that would shine bright under that black light at the next school disco.

10. Short shorts

Flickr: bri_snaps

An item that should have probably been reserved for bed time or exercise was instead chosen as a normal, everyday fashion piece.

11. Insanely short denim shorts

More like denim underwear tbh.

12. Something one-shoulder

Because anything with two shoulder straps was so overrated.

13. Faded denim jeans

Is anyone actually aware of why or how these became cool?

14. Coloured skinny jeans

This was as close as you got to being ~emo~.

15. Layered ra-ra skirt

Wind: 1. Past you: 0.

16. Printed skirt

You may have been 13, but man were you all about the PARTY, LOVE, and PEACE.

17. This top


Honestly, what even is this neckline? Bonus points for those who wore it with a normal strapped bra.

18. Long denim shorts

Wearing these meant you were automatically transformed into Marissa Cooper, right?

19. Tailored (?) shorts

Office meets golf chic.

20. Something ~nautical~

Nelson Lai / Via Flickr: nelsonlai

Stripes, anchors, more chunky belts.

21. Trackies

Perfect for weekends – or school if you could get away with it.

22. At least 10 plain singlets

Flickr: nerak_a

You fought hard to get those $10 babies off that rack, but all those layered outfits made it totally worth it.

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