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    The Cover Of This Month's Elle Magazine Is Actually A Mirror

    So when you pick it up, you're the ~cover model~. Get it?

    The cover of the October issue of Elle Australia is a little different to the front of most magazines. This month, the cover doesn't feature a model, celebrity, or ~influencer~. Instead, you will find a mirror.

    While the idea was originally executed by Elle Brazil earlier in the year, this is the first time an Australian magazine has landed on newsagent shelves sans cover star.

    In place of the usual cover story, the magazine has profiled 47 women, aged between one month and 100 years old.

    Beyond the inspiring concept, the novelty of pretending to be on the cover of a magazine is undeniably alluring, so we decided to have a go ourselves.




    The verdict?

    Gyan: To be honest, I actually preferred the cover more when it was sitting blankly on my desk rather than when it was featuring my face. A good magazine should feel just as special as a brand new book, and the celebrity-free cover really helped to make that happen for me.

    Mikey: I love that I got the full experience of being a cover model - a little distorted, and probably unrecognisable to people who have to see me on a daily basis.

    Jenna: I knew magazine covers presented a warped a view of beauty, but this was next level. JK it's a nice idea, and the foil cover is really pretty in itself.

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