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Someone Has Made A Life-Sized Christian Grey Out Of Cake

Just when you thought Fifty Shades of Grey wasn't exactly your taste.

Somewhere in Manchester, England, there are two life-sized versions of Fifty Shades of Grey character, Christian Grey, made entirely out of sponge cake.

AFP / Getty Images PAUL ELLIS

The edible depictions of the BDSM-loving billionaire were debuted on the last day of Cake International, a cake decorating and baking show, held on the 6-8 of February, 2015.

Created by baker Rosie Dummer and her team, the cake Greys come complete with licorice whips and paddles.


How sweet.

A whole different kind of delicious, the second cake version of Grey turned the character's signature suit and tie into something a little sweeter - buttercream icing.

AFP / Getty Images PAUL ELLIS

Unsurprisingly, the creations are affectionately titled: "50 Shades of Cake" and are described by Dummer as "fun and cheeky", much unlike the book and movie character they were based on.


As in, they're not exactly "fifty shades of f*cked up". Because they're dessert. And dessert can do no wrong.

At last, a playroom anyone could get involved with.

AFP / Getty Images PAUL ELLIS

Because deep down, every woman's dream is to be inside a room filled with cake.

  1. Which version of Christian Grey would you like to sink your teeth into?

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Which version of Christian Grey would you like to sink your teeth into?
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    Give me the flesh-and-blood Grey any day.
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    Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Forever, cake.

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