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This Company Will Clean And Cook Breakfast For You After You Throw A Party

They'll even bring a dog for you to cuddle while they pick up your empties and cook you crispy bacon.

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Based in Auckland, Morning-After Maids is a company that specialises in post-party cleaning services. They'll also cook your hungover-arse breakfast and bring dogs for you to cuddle while you wait.

Basically, the dream for anyone who has ever hosted a house party.

There are two breakfast options on the menu. One, a classic greasy hangover feed and the other a healthier breakfast with granola and smashed avo options. They'll also do a Macca's run for you if that's what you'd prefer.

Morning-After Maids / Via Facebook: morningaftermaids2016

The "clean" breakfast costs $25NZD per head, while the "Diiiiiiirty" menu will cost $20NZD per person. Their cleaning services start at $30NZD per hour.

Rebecca Foley and Catherine Ashurst launched Morning-After Maids in early May after seeing a big gap in the market.

Instagram: @morningaftermaids

"Bex was hungover one Sunday morning and it was her turn to do the housework; from there a discussion began. We had a few brainstorming meetings and creative ideas were all thrown together," Catherine told BuzzFeed Life. "Then Morning-After Maids was born."