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This Company Will Clean And Cook Breakfast For You After You Throw A Party

They'll even bring a dog for you to cuddle while they pick up your empties and cook you crispy bacon.

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Based in Auckland, Morning-After Maids is a company that specialises in post-party cleaning services. They'll also cook your hungover-arse breakfast and bring dogs for you to cuddle while you wait.

Basically, the dream for anyone who has ever hosted a house party.

There are two breakfast options on the menu. One, a classic greasy hangover feed and the other a healthier breakfast with granola and smashed avo options. They'll also do a Macca's run for you if that's what you'd prefer.

Morning-After Maids / Via Facebook: morningaftermaids2016

The "clean" breakfast costs $25NZD per head, while the "Diiiiiiirty" menu will cost $20NZD per person. Their cleaning services start at $30NZD per hour.

Rebecca Foley and Catherine Ashurst launched Morning-After Maids in early May after seeing a big gap in the market.

Instagram: @morningaftermaids

"Bex was hungover one Sunday morning and it was her turn to do the housework; from there a discussion began. We had a few brainstorming meetings and creative ideas were all thrown together," Catherine told BuzzFeed Life. "Then Morning-After Maids was born."

At the moment, the company only caters to those living in Auckland. However, Catherine notes that franchising the business is "the dream".

"For now, it's one day at a time."

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