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16 Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With Someone

Because this is way more than just another crush.

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2. You become borderline violent around them because they are just so damn cute you want to BITE THEIR FACE.


Not in a murderous way, in an "I just want to squeeze you until you burst" way, obviously.


3. You start to feel as though you could tell them just about anything, no matter what it is you're thinking.

4. You invite them over to literally do nothing.


"OK, you just sit there on my bed, please, because I really need to fold my laundry but I also really need you close all of the time. Thanks."

5. Friday night plans turn into "what are we going to do this weekend?" plans and it's the most exciting thing ever.

New Line Cinema

Because you don't want dinner and drinks - you want them by your side until they have to go home because they've been in the same clothes for three days straight.

6. And even when they literally have to leave, you still try to think of a way that they can stay.

Relativity Media

"Maybe you can just borrow my clothes to wear to work tomorrow? Surely I have something that will fit you..."


10. You start to lose interest in everyone else in the world, including your celebrity crush.

Warner Bros

Because now, the idea of anyone else but them seems totally weird and wrong.

16. And you start to realise that literally everything is better when they're around.


Finally, you begin to understand why your friends are always inviting their significant others along to your hang sessions.


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