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26 Signs You're Damn Obsessed With MAC

In the best way possible, of course.

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1. You rely on MAC Strobe Cream to help you shine bright like a diamond, every day and night.

2. You know there's a smokey eye for literally every occasion.

3. A complete MAC brush collection is totally #goals to you.

4. You're all about the lashes.

5. Whether they're whispy and pretty.

7. Limited edition launches mean a lot to you.

8. Because they influence way more than your morning make-up routine.

9. The feel of MAC packaging is one of the best things in the universe.

10. You actually refuse to imagine a life without MAC Face and Body.

11. Or any of your base kit for that matter.

12. Because you need that dewy, illuminated skin every day.

13. You have Lady Danger on standby for days you need to be extra fierce.

14. And days you just want to feel damn amazing.

15. When it comes to lipstick, the daily decisions can get tough.

16. You don't know what you'd do without your beloved Morange.

17. Or always on point, Heroine.

18. Glitter is your friend, not your enemy.

19. Because LOOK HOW PRETTY.

20. Your eyeliner skills are 10/10.

21. Because practice does make perfect, after all.

22. You always find inspiration in the staff behind the MAC counter.

23. You believe that Woodwinked is the ultimate eyeshadow shade.

24. And that MAC Mineralize products changed your life.

25. But you do know how you'd spend your last day on Earth.

26. And have long accepted that a day shopping always seems to end up like this.