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    I Tried 11 Hacks To Save And Make Money, And Was Pleasantly Surprised

    For one month, I took all the advice the internet gave me when I googled shit about gettin' rich.

    Hello, my name is Gyan and I'm low-key hopeless when it comes to managing my hard-earned cash money.

    1. Make your morning coffee at home instead of buying it from a café.

    2. Where possible, use cash instead of card.

    3. Collect all of your spare change in a jar.

    4. Do online surveys to make extra money.

    5. Enter as many competitions as you can.

    6. Try having "no spend" days.

    7. Cook in bulk and plan your meals.

    8. Sign up for loyalty programs.

    9. Try picking up odd jobs to make some extra cash.

    10. Sell the clothes you don't wear any more on eBay.

    11. Keep track of who owes who money in your household.