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22 Things You Understand If You Went To An Australian Public School

"Say 'povo' one more time. I literally dare you."

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1. How comfortable it is wearing a polo shirt every single day.

+1 in summer.
2Tales / Via Flickr: stigster

+1 in summer.

2. How much easier it is to play touch football at lunch when you don't have to be in a skirt.


And basketball. And handball. And all other sports.

3. Or leather "school shoes".

Hello, Converse All Stars.

Hello, Converse All Stars.

4. The joy of being able to wear whatever colour ribbon you want, without it jeopardising ~your future~.

The CW

Fluro pink today, lime green tomorrow.

5. The relief of being able to reach for a little concealer when you have a major breakout.

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And not getting a detention for it.

6. Being able to reach for a lot of eyeliner if that's the look you're feeling.

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7. The thrill of being able to openly discuss – and even debate – religion with your teachers.


Just like in the real world!

8. And during your HSC, choosing subjects you actually want to study in place of religion – if you're not all that interested in the whole thing.


Like, you know, sciences – if you want to be a scientist.

9. The joy of a day off when your teachers went on strike.

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To get the kind of pay they deserve.

10. The ultimate SMH when you hear people saying private education is ~superior~, when you know HSC results often prove otherwise.


The class system ain't cool, you guys.

11. The importance of mufti day, putting a gold coin donation towards your school's constant fundraising.

And planning your outfit weeks in advance.
Kathryn Harper / Via Flickr: mindfulone

And planning your outfit weeks in advance.

12. Bright nails were the best way to make a statement while in uniform.


Whiteout and highlighter acting as an excellent lunchtime substitute.

13. Work experience was the absolute highlight of Year 10.

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Whether it was at your local shoe store or in a magazine office.

14. Some of your best friends at school were of the opposite sex, and you can't imagine class without them.


~ovaries equal to brovaries~

15. School discos were the highlight of the school calendar.

And you wore white to make the most of the black-light DJ set-up.
Black Light Party / Via Flickr: 37912939@N07

And you wore white to make the most of the black-light DJ set-up.

16. If your school had an anthem, you have no idea what it was.


Sorry, principal.

17. On rainy days, there was always that one movie you knew would be on somewhere at lunch.

The CW

"Oh, good. Chicken Run. Again."

18. On that TV with the VCR player that somehow nobody knew how to operate.

"Anyone know how work this thing?!"

"Anyone know how work this thing?!"

19. The satisfaction of writing who you <3'd on a desk. Closely followed by I.D.A.T.

&quot;G.Y. 4 S.S.&quot;&quot;Who is S.S.?&quot;&quot;Oh, just Someone Special...&quot;

"G.Y. 4 S.S."

"Who is S.S.?"

"Oh, just Someone Special..."

20. You got excited to look at the inside cover of your textbook and see who owned it the previous year.

And what amusing notes they&#x27;d left for you to discover.

And what amusing notes they'd left for you to discover.

21. Your teachers will always remain some of the most patient, inspirational people you'd ever had the pleasure of being locked in a stuffy classroom with.

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And if it wasn't so awkward when you run into them now, you'd definitely thank them over and over.

22. And you wouldn't change a thing.

Except the eyeliner. Maybe.

Except the eyeliner.