24 Things People Should, But Don't, Tell You About Having Kids

    "Children shape and teach you just as much as you shape and teach them." H/T Quora

    A recent Quora thread asked parents to talk about the things nobody tells you about having children. Here are the best responses:

    1. That as your children grow, you'll miss the person they were.

    2. That it's often hard to remember you're parenting the child you have, not the child you were.

    3. That for the most part, raising a child simply involves a lot of really boring tasks.

    4. That living with a toddler is like having a really messy stoner roommate.

    5. That children shape and teach you just as much as you shape and teach them.

    6. That being a good parent isn't just something that "comes naturally" but is something that actually requires a lot of thinking and research.

    7. That's it's actually really hard to just "sleep when the baby sleeps."

    8. And that sleep deprivation is serious and can turn you into a totally different person.

    9. That there's no single right way to parent because every child is different.

    10. That the needs of children and adults are actually pretty much the exact same.

    11. That it will take time to get your storytelling skills up to scratch.

    12. That you can never have too much patience.

    13. That having kids will totally lower your standard of living.

    14. That it's impossible to predict what kind of kid you're going to have.

    15. That you'll experience emotions that are more intense than ever before.

    16. That your kids might replace your partner as the person you love the most.

    17. That your child might be exactly like your partner and nothing like you.

    18. That what you do will always be more important than what you say.

    19. That it's important to ask your children questions and listen when they answer.

    20. That you basically learn how to see into the future.

    21. That you basically become a human shield.

    22. That your children just may become your greatest achievement.

    23. That your kids will grow up faster than you ever expected.

    24. And that you will never sleep soundly again, even when your children are adults.