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    This Man Crashed A Fashion Week Runway To Complain About The Noise

    Definitive proof that not everyone gets this whole ~fashion~ thing.

    Last night, the opening show of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia was crashed by a disgruntled neighbour, complaining about the noise from the runway.

    Don Arnold / WireImage

    The man, who lives next door to fashion week location Carriageworks in Sydney's Eveleigh, stormed the runway of Australian designer Kym Ellery.

    The man hit the catwalk wagging his finger, calling the show "a disgrace", clearly unimpressed by the music that had been accompanying the Ellery show.

    Don Arnold / WireImage


    Channel 7

    The protester was escorted from the venue by security as designer Kym Ellery stepped onto the runway to close her show.

    Don Arnold / WireImage

    While this Australian Fashion Week show will be the last for Kym Ellery, it was the first of what is going to be a very long, noisy week.

    Stefan Gosatti / Getty Images

    Let's just say, it's a good time to invest in some ear plugs, old guy.

    We'll be thinking of you.

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