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11 Furby Struggles That Were All Too Real To '90s Kids


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1. When your Furby started to smell like a tiny fire.

2. When your Furby's speech started slurring and you knew something wasn't right.

3. When you were just trying to get some homework done so you didn't get in trouble like you did last week but your Furby was demanding all of your attention.

4. When your parents threatened to throw your Furby away with last night's leftovers if it didn't stop its babbling.

5. When you were trying to explain the situation to your Furby but it just wouldn't hear reason.

6. When you asked your Furby if it thought your crush liked you back and it did not shed ANY light on the situation because it only ever thought about itself.

7. When you thought you'd come to an agreement but your Furby decided it would be first to break the silence.

8. When you promised to stop letting your Furby run your life but then remembered that it needed you.

9. When your Furby started to smell even more like a tiny fire and you started to imagine a life without it.

10. When you asked your parents for a new Furby PLEASE and they said NO because they obviously didn't understand ~you~ or what it meant to lose something you loved.

11. When you now realise it's practically been 84 years since you said goodbye to your Furby pet and it might be time to accept that never again will you be greeted with a morning dah-ay-loh-oo-tye.