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    Frank Ocean Just Released A Visual Album And Everyone Lost It

    I'm shook.

    Today, Frank Ocean low-key answered everyone's prayers and started streaming ~something~ online.

    But fresh music isn't all that's appearing on his site. It also looks like Frank is building some kind of staircase.

    Naturally, everyone is freaking the fuck out.

    Frank Ocean is live streaming his album I'm

    Frank Ocean is playing with my anxiety

    Because this could be it, you guys!

    is frank ocean just building this staircase just so he can go up it and literally drop his album

    People are realllllllly into whatever the hell it is that's playing.

    Me July 31st, 11:59pm: I'm done we're never getting new Frank Ocean Me listening to the livestream for 2 seconds:

    This is exactly how I'm watching Frank Ocean build this staircase right now smh:

    I feel like the footage is his way of telling us the album is stilllll under construction though. #FrankOcean

    me: wow this new Frank Ocean song is ama- Frank: *drills* me:

    Wow this #FrankOcean music is really beautif... *drills* Beautif... *drills*

    And others are trying not to get their hopes up just yet.

    Me acting like I'm not liking what I'm hearing from Frank Ocean so far because I've been lied to too many times

    Frank Ocean is playing with my feelings 😭 drop this album already.

    Anyway, BRB, still waiting to see if Frank Ocean is actually going to drop this goddamn album.

    Me: Going to be super productive at work today and do everything that needs to be done. Frank Ocean's live stream:


    Frank Ocean's new visual album, Endless, was released on Apple Music shortly after the livestream ended.