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This Web Series Will Motivate You To Start Being Nicer To Your Body

Because being kind is damn important.

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These Australian models are encouraging women everywhere to be nicer to themselves, and to other women, through the #ProjectWomanKIND campaign.

Isabella Moore

The body-positive project involves a web series, where models Jessica Vander Leahy, Stefania Ferrario, Olivia Langdon, Sophie Sheppard, and Margaret Macpherson speak out about their own body image struggles, as well as those that come with working in the fashion industry.

According to Jessica Vander Leahy, who launched Project WomanKIND, the whole idea behind the campaign is to remind women that they are so much more than their reflections in the mirror.

Isabella Moore

"I wanted to create something where women could talk about their good days, and their bad days, and how they feel about themselves - not just their bodies - but their inner acceptance of who they are as people. We all have those natural highs and lows," Leahy tells BuzzFeed Life. "My bigger goal is to wrap women up in the comfort of knowing that everyone is on the same journey of trying to figure life - and themselves - out."

In a series of YouTube clips, each of the models talk through their own motivation, and the way their relationships with themselves has developed over the years.

"I don't want women to allow their perceived flaws to define them because they are just that - perceived. If you can be bold enough to shift your perspective, and look at yourself from a different angle you might be surprised with what you missed in those blind spots," says Leahy.

Interviews with the five models involved in Project WomanKIND are available online now.

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