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These "Ignition Remix" Tweets Are The Best Part Of The Election So Far

~It's the remix to ignition. ScoMo thinks he's a victim.~

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There's no denying that R Kelly's "Ignition Remix" is an iconic song with fucking iconic lyrics. But now, people have started tweeting their own ~remixes~ about Australian politics.


And it's better than ever.

Naturally, there's been chat about the fake tradie.

@tfswebb / Via Twitter: @tfswebb
@shitlistcreator / Via Twitter: @shitlistcreator

Dat boi.

@theamwu / Via Twitter: @theamwu

And Australian's offshore detention and refugee policies.

@jamcolley / Via Twitter: @JamColley
@jamcolley / Via Twitter: @JamColley
@dannolan / Via Twitter: @dannolan

There have been tweets about halal snack packs.

@michaelkoziol / Via Twitter: @michaelkoziol

Eddie McGuire.

@marrowing / Via Twitter: @marrowing

Scott Morrison, known victim of bigotry.

@lanesainty / Via Twitter: @lanesainty

And of course, jobs and growth.

@robstott / Via Twitter: @Rob_Stott

Never before has the remix to ignition been so goddamn relevant.