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    This Blue Algae Latte Is Literally Peak Melbourne

    True blue.

    Vegan café, Matcha Mylkbar is located in Melbourne's St Kilda. Right now, everyone's talking about their latest menu addition, the smurf latte.

    @matcha_mylkbar / Via

    The $8 latte contains E3 live blue algae, lemon, ginger agave, and coconut mylk. Interesting, right?

    According to co-owner Nic Davidson, the latte tastes like warm lemon, ginger, and honey tonic, with a sweet twist.

    @thegoodnesscollective / Via

    "It’s actually quite a shock as it looks like it'd be a bubblegum flavour. That’s what drinks of that colour normally taste like," Nic told BuzzFeed Life.

    In addition to the blue algae latte, Matcha Mylkbar also sells mushroom, turmeric, cacao, beetroot, carrot cake, apple pie, and chai lattes.

    @livvyw / Via

    They sell good old regular lattes too.

    Since gaining attention on Instagram the café has sold hundreds of the smurf lattes.

    http://@miss.rays / Via

    And honestly, it's pretty obvious why. They're damn photogenic.

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