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24 Life-Changing Style Lessons We Learnt From Our Mums

"Always wear underwear. You never know when you'll need to go to a hospital."

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the best style lesson they learnt from their mother. Here's what they – and their mums – told us:

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1. Always think, Will this outfit be acceptable in an emergency?

"Never leave the house in something you would be embarrassed to have a hot doctor see you in if you get hurt." –Bri Nobles via Facebook

2. It's not about size, it's about fit.

"Whatever size it is doesn't matter, it's how it fits you. Just 'cause you think you're a medium doesn't mean you are one, and if it says it'll fit but doesn't - there's 50 bucks you didn't spend on something you assumed would fit but didn't!" –Kate Van Hecke via Facebook

3. Shop in the men's section.

"My mom grew up in a time where clothing was androgynous, so she taught me that it was totally okay to shop in the men's section of stores. This has led to my closet containing comfy (and sometimes cheaper) men's T-shirts, jackets, shoes, and belts." –Anna Marie DeMarco

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4. You don't always have to dress your age.

"You don't have to dress like you are 50 at age 50, or 15 at age 15. Always looks stylish!" –Savannah Forrester via Facebook

5. Go easy on the eyeliner.

"That eyeliner is meant to be used sparingly." –Mary Elizabeth Hall via Facebook

6. Invest in good jewelry.

"The right necklace will tie together any outfit." –Corina Roche via Facebook


7. Never wear heels that you can't walk in.

"It doesn't matter how sexy the heels are; if you can't walk in them, you just look ridiculous" –Amandaleni

8. Buy up big during sale season.

"If it's on sale and you like it, buy two." –Sydney Elaine Andrews via Facebook

9. Or just buy up big in general.

"If you find a piece of clothing that flatters your body and you feel amazing in, buy it in multiple colors." –Katie Tousignant via Facebook


10. Always, always, always be confident.

"My Mom taught me how be confident in my 5'11 frame, and told me if a man is intimidated by a tall girl in heels he isn't worth your time anyway." –emilyw462847213

11. Know your shopping hacks and skip the change rooms.

"I thought my mom was nuts when I first saw her doing this but it works! If you want to know if a pair of pants will fit your waist but don't want to try them on, wrap the waist of the pants around your neck. It the ends overlap they're too big. If they don't meet at all the pants are too small. Works like a charm every time." –D Bird

12. Don't bother with anything that isn't comfortable.

"You can wear whatever you want, but you should feel comfortable in it. If you're gonna spend the whole time pulling the skirt down (or the top up) and worry about how you look, you should wear something else." –Giuliana Mendonça via Facebook


13. Remember hygiene.

"Don't go anywhere with dirty fingernails." –Sarah Jowett via Facebook

14. Have at least two different signature fragrances.

"Use two perfumes: one you wear daily (and will be associated with you) and one for special occasions." –angels4d4906ef4

15. Always try things on.

"Always try something on, because it could be awful on the hanger, but amazing on you… and that's how she picked out my wedding dress!" –Sarah Finnerty via Facebook


16. The right makeup can make you look 100%, even when you're feeling less than 20%.

"Mascara, powder and lipgloss (or lipstick or chapstick) can hide a lot of issues. Toss those three with a high bun and you're good to go on your worst day!" –Kitty Lynndale via Facebook.

17. Rock an old-school ponytail.

"My mom would pull her ponytail through the hole in a baseball cap. I thought it was fabulous." –Alyssa Kate Pierce via Facebook

18. Diamonds are, in fact, your best friend.

"Every girl should own one pair of basic diamond earrings." –Betsy Speer via Facebook


19. Keep things classy, even when you want to flaunt when you've got.

"If you want to dress sexy, show your back, boobs, or legs, but never at the same time." –Alexander Davies via Facebook

20. Life is short.

"Make-up is for special occasions. Life is too short for that shit daily. And surprisingly, I'm not paraphrasing. My Mom was awesome." –smilinglots

21. Know your bra dos and don'ts.

"Never have bra straps showing!" –Josie Ganko via Facebook

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22. Keep your contouring on point.

"Blend, blend, blend." –Shannon Fleischman-Nee via Facebook

23. Quality skin care is always worth it.

"Spending a little extra on quality foundation and face wash is worth it to have good skin, because that way, you don't have to wear foundation all the time." –Brya Walton via Facebook

24. Take care of your toes.

"Never leave the house without your toenails being painted — even if it's just a clear coat." –slstiles19

Thanks for everything, mums.


We love you.

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