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    21 Things Under $15 That Every Grown-Ass Adult Should Own

    Because living your best adult life doesn't have to be so damn difficult.

    1. A set of mesh laundry bags to protect your clothes in the washing machine.

    2. A hand-held steamer to replace your iron and bulky ironing board.

    3. A leather hole punch to adjust belts and bags.

    4. A hot glue gun for the craft projects and easy home repairs and never knew you were capable of.

    5. An ice cube tray that isn't hard plastic and/or one thousand years old.

    6. A roll of duct tape that you know you can trust to help you out in an emergency.

    7. A knife sharpener to tend to your (probably cheap) knives.

    8. A sewing kit with everything you need to mend a hole or reattach a button.

    9. A garlic peeler and chopper that will actually encourage you to add flavor to your food.

    10. A plunger to, you know, unblock your toilet if need be.

    11. A fire extinguisher or extinguishing spray to keep near the kitchen.

    12. A basic tool kit to fix small things around the house.

    13. A set of matching coat hangers to fill your wardrobe with.

    14. An electric kettle for making tea and coffee.

    15. A reusable drink bottle that you actually like.

    16. And a brush to clean out your water bottles with.

    17. A basic first aid kit to keep in an easy-to-access spot in your home.

    18. A cast iron skillet that comes highly recommended.

    19. A paper towel holder that will keep your kitchen neat.

    20. A Microplane for all your grating and zesting needs.

    21. And an alarm clock, so you can stop sleeping with your phone beside you.