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    This 16-Year-Old Girl Is A World Champion Skateboarder And Business Owner

    She also surfs, and is writing an autobiography.

    Poppy Starr Olsen is a really good skateboarder. Like, really good.

    Poppy grew up in Bondi but moved with her family to Newcastle a few years ago to attend a school that allows her one day a week off to train and run her business.

    To help fund her training and travel costs to get to international competitions, Poppy started designing greeting cards, jewellery, and key chains.

    There's no denying that Poppy is damn talented - she also has her lifesaving Bronze Medallion, is a member of a local theatre group, and will be writing an autobiography over the next two years.

    Poppy will be competing back home on Bondi Beach this month at General Pants Bowl-a-rama, which is including girls skate jams in the competition for the very first time.

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