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18 Secrets Supre Employees Will Never Tell You

Tales from the golden years of Supre.

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1. Being rostered on for the first day of a sale is the worst thing that can happen to an innocent Supre employee.

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Stab wounds from broken hangers, faulty singlets ran over by filthy trolley wheels, and shoplifters galore. Lord, send help.


6. And you thought you owned a lot of Supre bags?

Think again.

7. The real meaning of the word "Supre" isn't slut. In fact, it's something else completely.

Paramount Pictures

Though that ~something~ seems to have been long forgotten by everyone.


8. Our staff discount always comes in handy around Halloween.

A lot of our old uniforms also remain hoarded away for costume purposes.

12. Everyone is damn tired of you complaining about the small sizes.

Not everything comes in XXS, and what does is mainly purchased by parents so their young daughters have something ~cool~ to wear to dance practice.


15. But a shift before a night out can really ~get you in the mood~.

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Why yes I WILL put my hands up for Detroit. Tonight. On the dance floor.

17. Whenever there's a slight chance what you're looking for is out the back, there's a much higher chance we're physically unable to access it.

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Imagine a heavy box, on top of a heavier box, with an even heavier, broken box underneath. Then imagine that all boxes are unlabelled, and that what you want is probably in the very bottom of one.


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