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17 Faces Everyone Who Lives With Sensitive Skin Will Recognise


1. When you get into the shower at a friend's place and the only product you can find to clean yourself with is an old dry bar of soap.

2. When you try a new cleanser for the first time and your skin feels so tight you think it could split open if you make any facial expressions.

3. When you have a reaction to your new deodorant but don't want to be caught out scratching your pits at work.

4. When the weather changes just as soon as your skin is finally becoming climatised to the season.

5. When they change the formula of your favourite foundation and now it wants to hurt you.

6. When you borrow someone's non-sensitive sunscreen at the beach because you forgot yours, and face a pain that's potentially worse than sunburn.

7. When you remember how much your non-soap, pH-balanced, clear goop bodywash costs.

8. When you get too close to grass and your skin has a less than ideal reaction.

9. When you try a new mascara and can't see for the rest of the week as a result.

10. When your flatmate buys a different brand of washing powder and it's not your friend.

11. When your new, very expensive woollen jumper itches the hell out of you.

12. When you leave the salon after a brow appointment knowing your face is red AF.

13. When you walk through the department store, remembering you can only buy fragrance-free.

14. When you realise not everyone's skin reacts to insect bites the way yours does.

15. When you apply moisturiser way too soon after shaving.

16. When you hear someone else talking about their eczema struggles and know this is a conversation you can get in on.

17. And when, for once, your skin keeps its shit together for a whole day, and you feel equal parts flawless and unstoppable.

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