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    This Mum Does The Most Incredible Braids Every School Day

    With over 100,000 Instagram followers, you know there's serious magic being made.

    Plenty of parents do their kid's hair for school, it's true. But not many create braids as insanely intricate as Melbourne mum, Shelley Gifford.

    Seriously, look at all the plaits and braids happening here.

    While Shelley's always loved braiding, her real obsession began in early 2014 when she discovered a whole new ~hairstyling world~ on social media. Now, her 6-year-old daughter, Grace, gets a different style every single day.

    "I found accounts that were solely set up to show hairstyles that mums had created on their daughters. I loved what I saw and it was then that I started my own Facebook and Instagram braiding accounts," Shelley tells BuzzFeed Life. "I just love learning new styles and advancing my skills. I'm hair obsessed."

    Each night, Shelley thinks of a new style for the next morning. On school days around 15-20 minutes are allocated braiding time. The more intricate styles are saved for weekends.

    "A lot of people ask how I get my daughter to sit still for so long. Grace is perfect, I've been styling her hair since she was a toddler so she doesn't know any different," says Shelley.

    Naturally, Grace's amazing styles have also become a talking point at school, as well as online.

    Though Shelley does find it a little ironic that most of the time her fancy school hair is covered up by a sun hat.

    No hat = no play, remember.

    While Shelley doesn't have a favourite hairstyle, she does enjoy seeing her creations replicated by her followers, which is starting to happen quite often.

    And it's obvious why. These hairstyles are pure magic.

    Everyone bow down to the braid queen, Shelley.

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