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19 Emotional Stages Of Buying Something Expensive When You're Broke

"If I wear it at least 20 times, the cost-per-wear means it's basically free."

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1. Deciding to window shop even though you definitely won't buy anything.

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Like, no way are you buying anything today.

2. Checking the price tag on something you like before reminding yourself that you're just looking.

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Because you know, it could have been like $1.50 and then you could have totally bought it because you definitely have at LEAST twice that amount in your bank account.

3. Deciding to try something on even though you know there's absolutely no way you're going to buy it.


Trying on things is fun! Yep. Just for fun.

4. Feeling a slight ping of disappointment when it looks even better on your body than it did on the rack.

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You can't help that you're flawless.

5. Racking your brain to remember the last time you looked this damn good in something.



6. Remembering that you've got that super important thing coming up that this outfit is totally perfect for.


Everyone will be there, remember!

7. Convincing yourself that you definitely would have needed to buy something new for that event anyway.


You don't own a single thing that would work for that night.

8. Remembering your bank account balance.

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9. Taking a photo of yourself in the best outfit ever and sending it to your best friend.



10. Checking the price on the outfit one more time just to double check that it's still way out of your price range.

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"Yep. Still not $1.50. Damn."

11. Mentally listing all the times you could wear this outfit.

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"If I wear it at least 20 times, the cost-per-wear means it's basically free."

12. Thinking of all the ways you could save money in the next month.

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"If I gave up coffee and caught the bus and only ate tuna that's at least a $7 saving a day which would mean I am definitely rich."

13. Remembering how long you've been standing in the change room while simultaneously realising how damn hot it is in there.

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Delusion begins to set in.

14. Exiting the change room, clutching the item because you just need a few more minutes with it before you put it back.

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15. Remembering that this store has a great refund policy.


You'll just hold onto that receipt!

16. Promising yourself that you'll take the outfit back if you find something at home to wear to the party.

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Cross your heart.

17. Regretting your decision as soon as your swipe your credit card through the machine.


But it's too late now.

18. Trying on your new outfit as soon as you get home, and literally saying YOLO like you are Drake in 2011.

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"I could die tomorrow. Then what will money mean to me?"

19. Continue living life complaining that you never have any money OR anything to wear.


Repeat cycle.