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    18 Hilarious Tumblr Reactions To The "Pretty Little Liars" Summer Finale


    1. So, the summer finale of everyone's favourite problematic teen drama was real ride.

    Like, a roller coaster ride.

    2. Because we found out that Spencer is actually Mary Drake's daughter.

    3. Which meant a lot for the poor DiLaurentis family, who remain as messed up as ever.

    Poor bb Jason.



    6. Literally it's all confusing af.

    7. And tbh it doesn't look great for poor old Peter Hastings.

    8. But things are even tougher for Alison and potentially Emily's lost eggs.

    (Emison shippers don't @ me. Regardless of everything else, this is one shitty situation.)

    9. Caleb also confused the hell out of everyone watching.

    10. And naturally, the girls got so confused by their own dumb actions they ended up in a real spot of trouble.

    Where was Mona tho?

    11. Honestly, these girls.

    12. When will they learn?

    How is Emily still alive at this point?

    13. As per usual, Jenna made an appearance, showing off a new skill.

    14. But the highlight (??) of the episode was one rollin' head.

    15. Yeah, cya Noel.

    16. TTFN!

    17. Actually, the whole episode was just so goddamn much.

    18. But still, we're ready for more.

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