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    Posted on 6 Oct 2015

    16 Healthy Smoothies That Look Just As Good As They Taste

    Because it's time to stop denying that almost everything is for Instagram.

    1. This rainbow delight.

    2. This berry and mango special.

    3. This protein-filled almond wonder.

    4. This kiwi treatie.

    5. This chocolate and peanut butter dream.

    6. This post-workout go-to.

    7. This hazelnut smoothie bowl.

    8. This green machine.

    9. This mango madness.

    10. This pretty papaya blend.

    11. This vegan dream.

    12. This chia and orange taste sensation.

    13. This beautiful fresh fig work of art.

    14. This berry butter blend.

    15. This pastel punch.

    16. And this sunny strawberry smoothie.

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