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    17 Cute T-Shirts That You'll Want To Wear Every Damn Day

    None of that Supre princess trash here, folks.

    All prices in this post are listed in Australian dollars.

    1. This subtle nod to girl power.

    2. This magical Elaine Benes dedication.

    3. And this ode to Wednesday Addams.

    4. These printed bewbs.

    5. And these perfect kiwi fruits.

    6. This sweet and simple pineapple shirt.

    7. This shirt that bears the answer to almost every question.

    8. And this one that shuts the haters down.

    9. This top for days you don't want to have to choose one lipstick.

    10. And this one for days you wish you could stay home with a kitten.

    11. This shirt that makes it easy to find other Broad City fans.

    12. And this one that shows off your love for fierce female artists.

    13. This glam af cactus collection.

    14. And this prickly cacti fam.

    15. This perfect line from The Bell Jar.

    16. This message for everyone bugging you about your ~life plan~.

    17. And this adorable, very true statement.