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    White Bread Is Australia's Most Important Food Staple, Let's Discuss

    We won't say it's good for you. But we will say it's damn delicious.

    White bread. We've all heard of it. Eaten it. (Been told not to eat it lol.) And loved it. But what's rarely discussed is how integral it is to the Australian menu.


    Seriously, without white bread so many of the meals we know and love would be very, very different.

    Let's take the simple sausage, for example. Snags are great, right?

    @walker_events / Via

    Right. Sure. Of course.

    But what makes a sausage even better? Chucking it on a shining bright slice of white bread.

    @martinqhgoh / Via

    The sausage sizzle just wouldn't be possible without it.

    Another great example: sprinkles.

    @jbrybakes / Via

    Without white bread, fairy bread would just consist of a pile of brightly-coloured sugar balls, stuck together with butter.

    @cindytjlim / Via


    Hot chips are delicious.

    @munchy_crunchy_vibes / Via


    Literally the only way to improve them? Well, it's to add some slices of good old white bread, naturally.

    @jamiemuir6 / Via Instagram: @jamiemuir6

    Sauce away as you please, my friends.

    Now, Vegemite, Australia's greatest spread. Let's talk about it.

    @christina_eleni / Via

    Sure you can ~technically~ put Vegemite on any kind of bread, but I dare you to tell me that this toasted white bread isn't damn perfect.

    @nix_oliver / Via


    I rest my case. White bread is a true staple in the Australian diet for so many reasons. Who knows what iconic combination it will help create next...

    Reddit: l_am_jacks_colon / Via

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