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    19 Sep 2016

    Only A Real Sydneysider Will Pass This Food Test

    Do you know your Messina, as well as your HSPs?

    1. What is the name of the bakery these people are lining up for?

      @greenedforest /
    2. Where is this burger from?

      @styledotcomdotau /
    3. Which kebab shop is said to have the best Halal Snack Packs in the city?

      @drdrix /
    4. What is the name of the pig who lives at The Grounds Of Alexandria?

      @jordiblackband /
    5. Where in the city can you be served pasta from a cheese wheel?

      @sissi_ling /
    6. Which Newtown thai restaurant do these guys belong to?

      @sylviepic /
    7. Which of these flavours is not available at Gelato Messina?

      @sydneyveganfoodie /
    8. Where would you get your hands on some of these rice paper rolls?

      @kathluv_829 /
    9. And how much would you pay for this steak (not including the side salad) at Opera Bar?

      @operabarsydney /

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