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    Everyone's Really Fucking Mad About The New Arnott's Shapes

    "Where is the flavour I can see? I'm not even mad. I'm just disappointed."

    The people of Australia really love their Arnott's Shapes. There's absolutely no denying it.

    But recently, Arnott's decided to change Shapes, and it's caused quite a bit of controversy.

    Loyal customers are complaining that the new Shapes (shown below on the left) have a lot less flavour than the OG Shapes (right).

    Others believe the new flavours taste completely different.

    They're really not happy.

    Like, really, really not happy.

    Shapes fans are absolutely devastated that something they love has been destroyed.

    Others are now promising to take their biscuit money elsewhere.

    There's been a comparison made between the Sydney Opera House and an IKEA bed.

    And other disgruntled comments that got straight to the point.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Arnott's for comment.


    BuzzFeed has received the following statement from Arnott's:

    "Over the past few years, we’ve had thousands of contacts from Shapes fans asking us for more of what they love – flavour. So, our chefs went away and explored how they could deliver it. One of the main problems we had was getting the flavour to stick onto the biscuits (it was falling off on the biscuit line due to us removing some oil a few years back). We’ve solved this by employing new technology which involves baking the flavour right into the biscuit and applying it to both sides. We also found that making the seasoning sprinkles smaller meant they stuck to the biscuit better.

    It’s important to note that BBQ Shapes Original, our biggest selling shape, will still be available alongside the new BBQ flavour, Savoury Shapes remain the same – we had limited contacts on Savoury – our fans seem to like the biscuits just the way they are! And Chicken Crimpy has had a minor tweak to improve the Health Star Rating of the product, but the flavour remains the same!

    We’re monitoring the feedback really closely. We know that not everyone likes change but we do believe we’ve created the best tasting Shapes we’ve ever made and this change was asked for by and tested with our target consumers."