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    19 Australian Beauty Brands That Are Cruelty-Free

    Good for bunnies. Good for you.

    1. Oh Deer Sugar

    Based in Adelaide, these vegan, hand-made bath, body, and face products are available online so everyone in Australia can enjoy their goodness.

    2. ModelCo

    Originally known for their tanning products, ModelCo's PETA-certified makeup range is definitely worth trying out, especially if you're into contouring.

    3. Brite Organix

    Ethical, vegan, and bloody cool products for anyone who has ever wanted bright, healthy hair.

    4. Designer Brands

    Known for being damn affordable, this Australian-owned brand is also completely vegan and cruelty-free.

    5. I Scream Nails!

    Beyond their salons in Melbourne and Sydney, this nail brand also stock their vegan polish online.

    6. Bondi Sands

    These green-based tanning products aren't tested on animals, and are perfect for the fake tan-inclined.

    7. Nude by Nature

    Most people know about this mineral makeup brand and their ~buffing~ application technique, but what you might not know about the brand is that they're also PETA-certified.

    8. Shanghai Suzy

    Melbourne-made lipstick with great shades and even better values.

    9. Stem Organics

    Perfect for those who take their skincare seriously, this brand is all about keeping things ~natural~.

    10. Bhave

    In addition to being cruelty-free, a percentage of Bhave sales go towards Australian animal rescue groups.

    11. Grown Alchemist

    Australian-owned, certified organic, and free from animal testing, this skincare brand has a great reputation and perfectly minimalist packaging.

    12. A'kin and Al'chemy

    All A'kin and Al'chemy products are completely vegan. Between the two brands you've got your hair and skin looked after.

    13. Innoxa

    Fragrance, skincare, and makeup, all pretty and free from animal testing.

    14. Scout Cosmetics

    The Scout Cosmetics range includes nail polish, skin care, makeup, and brushes.

    15. Stevie K Cosmetics

    If you're passionate about bunnies and bright lipstick, Stevie K is worth checking out.

    16. Eleven Australia

    PETA-certified and proud of it, Eleven's range includes products for every hair type.

    17. Kester Black

    This vegan nail polish line is also sustainably produced. It's also water permeable, meaning it lets your nails breathe, even when they're painted.

    18. NKD

    With free shipping all across Australia, it's a pretty good time to go completely vegan with your body products.

    19. Australis

    The Australis makeup range is insanely huge. The good news? Nothing whatsoever is tested on animals.

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