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14 Simple Changes You Can Make Right Now To Have An Easier Year

This year's a good year to finally get your shit together.

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3. Unsubscribe from your unwanted emails as they land in your inbox.

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The first day of this challenge will be time consuming but as it goes on, you'll get way less unwanted newsletters and ~exciting offers~ until you're finally only getting the emails you actually want to read.


5. Start emptying your coins into a jar each morning.

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Even if you only managed to put away $2.50 a week, by the end of the year you would be the proud owner of $130 you probably just would have wasted on coffee.

7. Delete all the apps you never use, or use too much for your liking.

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After a month without them on your home screen, you'll have broken the habit of checking them every five minutes.

8. Start planning how you're going to use your annual leave this year, so you can keep an eye out for travel sales.

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Follow airlines that fly to your dream destination on social media so you don't miss any deals.


9. Subscribe to a magazine you love but never get around to buying.

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It's often cheaper to buy yearly subscriptions than it is to shop monthly or weekly at the newsagent. It also means that you'll have a constant flow of good reading material delivered to your door.

10. Check the expiration date on all of your beauty products.

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Most beauty and skincare products will have the same symbol with a number inside. This number denotes the number of months after purchase that a product is still good for.

12. Download the Acorns app and start your investing your spare change.

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After linking your debit and credit cards to the app, it rounds up all purchases you make to the nearest dollar (or other set amount), investing the extra cents in shares. For example, if you buy something for $19.99, the app will round the cost up to $20 and put the 1c towards your ~investments~. By the time 2018 rolls around, you're bound to have a substantial amount of shares and probably won't even notice the money missing.

13. Fix all the clothes you've been meaning to mend forever, or give them to someone who will.

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Get together all your clothes with missing buttons or broken zips and fix them before buying new clothes. It will save you money and re-fill your wardrobe.

14. And unfollow people that regularly piss you off online or that you don't even know why you're following.

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Look, the argument that hate-follows exist is real, but also, it's just not healthy. Cut that shit.