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16 Things That Happen When You Have A Name Nobody Can Pronounce

It takes at least three tries for someone to get it right.

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1. You absolutely dread hearing someone read your name out loud for the first time.

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Them: "Guy-anne — ji-arne — gee-un?"

Me: "It's Gyan. Like, gee-yarn."

Them: "Okay, great! Gee-un!"

2. And you get so used to people pronouncing your name wrong, you'll respond to anything that sounds like it.

Lifetime / Via

If you're a barista and you call out "John", I will grab the coffee you're holding.

3. You have a particular distaste for people who think it's hilarious when someone gets your name wrong.

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4. But the people who say your name wrong on purpose are the worst.

HBO / Via

I just don't really get it tbh.

5. You have to bite your tongue when people with common names complain about how hard their lives can be.

Paramount Pictures / Via

People forgetting or adding an extra letter is an easy mistake to fix, Alan and Allan.

6. You know you'll always be the last name that the babies in your life manage to say.

AMC / Via

If only my name was Bob. I'm sure my niece would have said that by now.

7. And you have relatives that still find it hard, even after all these years.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

"Happy birthday, Gian. Love Gran."

8. You often wonder how many people in your life still don't actually know how to say your name.

The WB / Via

This is especially true when meeting someone IRL after chatting online.

9. You curse any celebrity that has a name even a little similar to yours.

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If you do, you're sure to be called that forever.

10. You have a bad habit of forgetting people's names as soon as you meet them, because you're so concentrated on explaining your name.

Miramax / Via

I apologize, I do.

11. You make sure to repeat your name as often as possible in conversation when you're with people you've just met.

Shady Records / Via

"And then they were like 'GYAN' and I was like 'I know, right?'."

12. You rely on your friends to correct people for you.

VH1 / Via

Your best friends don't make it into a big deal and have their own personal explainer to help people remember.

13. You're used to people making a point of telling you if they know somebody else that has your name.

CBS / Via

Or a name that's even vaguely similar to yours.

14. You will never understand how so many people can spell your name wrong, even when it's right in front of them.

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Hot tip: If you're unsure about someone's name in an email — check the email they sent you!

15. You're always being asked "so, where are you from?" after people hear your name.

E! / Via

You have your name explanation so well rehearsed you could say it in your sleep.

16. And you feel shocked to the core when someone gets your name right the first time.

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