14 Eco-Friendly Products For Parents Who Are Just A Little Crunchy

    Cut down on waste and save a ton of money while you're at it.

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    1. This juice box that helps you cut down on waste without giving up your kid's favorite drink.

    2. And these reusable food and drink pouches that are zero waste and super convinient.

    3. These soft and flexible silicone straws that are safe for toddlers and kids.

    4. These glass baby food jars that are perfect for freezing and storing homemade purees.

    5. And this masher and bowl set that makes packaging-free meals even easier to pull together.

    6. These brightly colored cloth diapers that are way cuter and more comfortable than disposables.

    7. Or this set that's a little more neutral but just as adorable.

    8. These bamboo baby wipes that you can use over and over again.

    9. This all-natural rubber pacifier that's totally free of BPA and artificial softeners.

    10. These reusable and washable mesh bags that are great for organizing toys and carrying snacks.

    11. This sustainable bamboo bowl and spoon set that stays put on high chairs and tables, thanks to a suction-cup base.

    12. These glass baby bottles that are totally eco-friendly and recyclable.

    13. These pure beeswax crayons that are fun and bright, and have an extremely low environmental impact.

    14. These organic nursing pads that you can wash and reuse over and over.

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