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18 Simple And Doable Ways To Create Less Food Waste

Make the most of your groceries.

1. Keep your bread in the freezer, and defrost by the slice as you need it.

2. Keep track of the food you throw away and adjust your grocery shopping accordingly.

3. And make a shopping list before every shop, after planning your meals for the week.

4. Don't be scared to buy the ugly fruit and vegetables, as they're most likely to be wasted.

5. Avoid peeling unless totally necessary, and don't be afraid to use stems in your recipes.

6. Avoid over-serving yourself food when eating at home.

7. Find exciting and delicious new ways to re-purpose your leftovers.

8. And learn how long your leftovers actually last.

9. Regularly clean out your fridge and freezer so you know what food you have before you go buy more.

10. And have a pantry system that keeps your food staples organized and easy to access.

11. Invest in products that help your food stay fresh longer.

12. Freeze your unused herbs in olive oil before they go bad and end up in the trash.

13. Or try drying them to later grind and add to your cooking.

14. Buy frozen fruit and vegetables if you always find yourself throwing away fresh produce.

15. Save your bone or vegetable scraps and make a nourishing stock or broth.

16. Or try and re-grow vegetables from scraps.

17. Bring stale bread back to life in the oven with a little added water.

18. And revive sad wilted lettuce in an ice water bath.

Now, go make the most of these easy ways to save money and food (the two best things!), while preventing a whole lot of unnecessary waste.