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13 Pretty Things To Do With Those Dried Flowers You've Been Saving

*Adds dead flowers to list of things I didn't know I could upcycle.*

1. Make your own scented room spray from essential oils and alcohol, with a flower for added sweetness.

nicole moser / Via, Design Love Fest / Via

To make this room spray you'll need essential oils, distilled water, vodka (or gin!), and some dried flowers that match your scent. Leave it on display in your home to use any time your place needs a freshen up, or gift to a friend who will appreciate just how pretty this little DIY truly is.

2. Press flowers or leaves, glue them on paper, then put them on display for everyone to admire.

A Pair and a Spare / Via

Framed pressed botanicals can look as minimalist or maximalist as you like, and they're super easy, and cheap, to put together.

3. Or press them and put them straight into a clear frame.

Save On Crafts / Via

You can find a similar hanging frame to this one at H&M for $7.99.

4. Save dried rosebuds and calendula petals to make a beautiful bath salt mix.

Almost Makes Perfect / Via

To make this easy floral body scrub, mix your petals with epsom salts, sea salt, baking soda, and the essential oils of your choice.

5. Make flower petal paper that can be framed, added to cards, or used to wrap small special gifts.

Burnetts Boards / Via

Making paper is surprisingly easy if you have the right equipment — and if you don't, you can make your own mould and deckle. Once you have everything you need, add petals to your shredded paper mix in the first steps of the process and you'll end up with the prettiest paper anyone's ever seen or written on.

6. Make a colorful, and eco-friendly, confetti from dried flower petals.

@dollzconfetti / Via

Add a floral paper cone and you're set!

7. Make your own sage stick using the flowers and herbs of your choice.

Jojotastic / Via

Bundle garden rose with acacia for a spring smudge stick, or add eucalyptus to the mix for a more spa-like fragrance.

8. Hang dried flowers upside down from darkest to lightest, to create an ombré feature wall.

Juliette Laura / Via Instagram: @juliettelaura

Using white or clear thread, hang flowers from small Command hooks or tacks. This ombré dried flower wall would also make an amazing photo booth background.

9. Or add small dried flowers and foliage to gift wrapping.

@covenandco / Via

A super easy unique touch that means you can get away with the plainest wrapping paper.

10. Keep your favorite dried flowers close to you at all times by adding them to your phone case.

Lotus Wei / Via

All you need to make your own floral phone case is a clear cover and some flowers. Place them on the case, then once they're in a position you like, snap your phone into the case and you're good to go!

11. Tape flowers in your journal as decoration and a reminder of the place where you picked, or bought, them.

@everydaydolcefarhygge / Via

You can also add a small flower to a letter or birthday card.

12. Make botanical coasters to add extra greenery and floral tones to your living home.

George Muncy / Via

These clay coasters preserve leaves or flowers in resin, so you can make them as uniform or unique as you'd like.

13. Or add pressed flowers to glasses and a decanter.

Jojotastic / Via

Instead of resin, this pressed flower decanter DIY uses decoupage glue to hold the petals and leaves in place.

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