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22 Extremely Important Questions I Need Americans To Answer

I need answers, y'all.

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3. Seriously, why is it that in some states you can buy beer in a pharmacy but not in an actual liquor store?

5. Why do your social security cards look like they were cut off the back of a cereal box?

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If they're so damn important, why don't they at least laminate them?

10. And why do you call your main meal an "entrée," and an entrée an "appetizer"?


Do you know that the word "entrée" literally means "entrance", as in the entrance dish to your meal?

13. Why do you have to make American versions of TV shows that are already really great?


Everyone else in the world manages to enjoy your TV shows, as American as they are — why can't you try and appreciate ours?

21. And do you realize how confusing using Fahrenheit is?


In Celsius, zero degrees is the point that water freezes and 100 is where it boils.

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