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    There's A Drive-Through Café In Melbourne That Sells Insane Cheese Toasties

    It opened a few days ago and everyone's already losing their shit over it.

    A drive-through café specialising in cheese toasties has just opened in Melbourne. Understandably, everyone's pretty bloody keen on it already.

    Appropriately named Cheese and Bread, the café opened on Monday in Preston.

    At the moment, the café operates weekdays from 6am until the early afternoon, with six different cheese toasties on the menu. However, co-founder Frank Rusitovski says there are plans to extend opening hours to Saturday mornings in the near future.

    "We're also looking at other potential sites in Melbourne and throughout Australia. We don’t want to deny anyone a try of Cheese & Bread," Frank told BuzzFeed Life. "Who doesn’t love toasties? More than that, who doesn’t love it when someone else makes you a toastie?"

    Frank opened the café with his best mate, Dean Trpeski, who is also a big fan of food pop-ups, wild menus, and good feeds.

    Aren't we all.

    Hot toasties on the go, just in time for Melbourne winter. Genius.

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