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Sydney Seriously Stepped Up Its Sausage Sizzle Game This Election

Traditional sausage sizzle lovers avert your eyes.

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To many Australians, there's only one correct way to make a sausage sizzle, and it involves white bread, a diagonal sausage, tomato sauce, and grilled onions.

Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

Tbh it's a pretty foolproof method.

But this year, Sydney decided to get a little ~innovative~ with their democracy sausages, serving up some very inventive items at polling places across the city.

Anna Mendoza

Some added a little something special, like this lemon and tomato chutney.

Anna Mendoza

And this rocket and chilli jam combo.

Anna Mendoza

Other Sydney sausage spots seriously turned their menus up a notch, and did way more than add some bonus condiments.

@tezadactyl / Via

Like this one that showed up in Erskineville.

Look at this pork shoulder bratwurst, which was being served with choucroute, mustard, and dill in Newtown.

Gyan Yankovich

And this sausage that was expertly placed on a bed of cabbage and mint.

@melyeats / Via

Seriously, polling places went ALL OUT this year.

@csimps0n / Via Twitter: @csimps0n

There were even options for haloumi-loving vegetarians.

Gyan Yankovich

And vegan sausages for those who still had intense snag cravings that needed to be satisfied.

Gyan Yankovich / Snapchat

And it's a great thing, because sausage sizzles are meant to be for everyone.

@CharisChang2 / Via Twitter: @CharisChang2

Especially when lining up to vote.

You've absolutely bloody nailed it, Sydney.

Anna Mendoza

Even if you do serve up "sultana-based" sauce.

Of course, there's still no denying that the traditional sausage sandwich will always remain superior.

@thedailymark / Via

Because, after all, if you didn't have a democracy sausage, was it really even election day?

Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

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