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16 Delicious Treats That Prove Australia Does Easter Better Than Anyone

Eat now or forever hold your peace.

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1. A hot cross loaf from Bourke Street Bakery, Sydney.

You could share with this friends, family and other loved ones. Or, you know, you could just keep this GIANT HOT CROSS BUN all to yourself.

2. These chocolate freckle macarons from T by LuxBite, Melbourne.

The most Instagram-able dessert the world has ever seen.

3. A slice of Easter egg brownie from Flour & Chocolate, Brisbane.

Like a regular brownie, only one trillion times better.

4. A cheesecake egg from The Grounds Of Alexandria, Sydney.

Definitive proof that The Grounds just gets better and better and better.

5. Apple pie filled mini chocolate eggs from Adriano Zumbo.

Because on Easter, it's important to have your regular favourite dessert incased in a chocolate egg, if possible.

6. All of the hot cross bun cookies from Cookie Dough Biscuits, Perth.

The perfect side to a steamy hot chocolate.

7. Frankincense glazed hot cross buns from Black Star Pastry, Sydney.

Treat yo'self.

8. Nutella hot cross buns from Brumby's Bakery, Melbourne.

This is the stuff dreams are made of, people.

9. A vegan chocolate chip hot cross bun from Cherry Darlings Bakehouse, Adelaide.

Because no dairy and no eggs shouldn't mean no Easter treats!

10. Cadbury creme egg cake from Chester Street Bakery, Brisbane.

Just another way to add creme eggs into your diet.

11. This easter egg from Gelato Messina, Sydney.

This white chocolate shell covers a dark chocolate inside and gooey chocolate centre. Oh, come ON.

12. A chocolate gull egg from Jocelyn's Provisions, Brisbane.

Looks like a real egg. Tastes like pure hazelnut goodness.

13. The hot cross bun doughnut from Tivoli Road Bakery, Melbourne.

An Easter match obviously made in long weekend heaven.

14. A super soft hot cross bun from A Baker, Canberra.

Just add butter.

15. This giant chocolate hazelnut egg from Fleischer Cakes, Melbourne.

Sharing optional, but probably encouraged.

16. Hot cross buns from Sonoma, Sydney.

Cranberry and sultana goodness from the best bread-makers in the land.