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    Posted on Oct 28, 2017

    This 2012 Rom-Com Has Got To Be The Most Underrated Movie Of All Time

    Watch it and start spreading the word!

    A lot happened in 2012: Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy, the iPhone 5 was released, and we found out who gossip girl was (which I'm still mad about, tbh).

    But you remember all of that, right?

    What isn't mentioned about 2012 nearly enough is that it's the year Celeste and Jesse Forever — aka the best rom-com ever — was released.

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    If you have actually watched it, you've gotta agree that it's one of the most underrated films of literally all time.

    The film stars Rashida Jones as Celeste and Andy Samberg as Jesse, her lovable soon-to-be ex-husband/best friend in the world.

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    While Celeste is a super successful author and ~trend analyst~, Jesse is a freelance artist who is uninspired and unmotivated to do, well, anything really. From the very beginning, the movie reveals itself as the anti-rom-com you didn't know you needed.

    Although they're already separated at the start of the movie, you become invested in Celeste and Jesse's relationship instantly.

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    Yes, prepare for your heart to hurt.

    They've got a whole range of personal jokes that anyone who's ever been in a serious relationship will recognize. It's all actually almost too real at times.

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    Jones wrote the film (along with Will McCormack), so it makes sense that Celeste's character and her relationship are properly developed and totally realistic — yet another thing that separates the film from your typical rom-com.

    Now look, I won't spoil the plot but I will tell you that what starts as an amicable breakup takes a turn for the worse (shocking!) as Celeste and Jesse begin to try and move on.

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    As happens in the real world, it gets messy.

    And again, every moment, emotion, and conversation is so real it will pretty much tear your heart out if you've been though a tough break-up before.

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    Even if you haven't, it's not hard to imagine the pain of watching your best friend move on, even if you were the one who asked them to.

    I wish I could tell you how it all works out for Celeste and Jesse but I want you to watch, so I will not. All I can say is that film is insanely underrated.

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    If you love rom-coms but hate their cheesy endings, watch this and get back to me, because I already know you'll want to discuss this.

    And finally, here's the trailer to give you a little taste of this masterpiece:

    View this video on YouTube

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