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    Posted on 24 Mar 2015

    Can You Get Through This Post Without Calling Your Parents?


    Remember when your parents were literally your personal taxi service, every day of your childhood?


    "You were five minutes late picking me up from school and I thought you were never coming. DO YOU KNOW HOW TRAUMATISING THAT WAS FOR ME?"

    Remember when your parents took time off work to make it to the school talent quest?

    Paramount Pictures

    Even that time you were cast as Tree Number Two? And you were still "so great"?

    Remember when your parents wouldn't let you go to that party and you literally thought your life was over?


    Only to hear the gossip the next day and realise their predictions were right on point - not that you'd ever tell them you thought that.

    Remember that time you sulked for a solid week as protest for not getting something your parents literally couldn't afford?


    Only to get it for your birthday when it "wasn't even cool anymore".

    Remember every time you jumped at the chance to go to a friend's house, even though you'd been with them at school all week?

    New Line Cinema

    While your parents had been at work, missing you.

    Remember that time your parent ran into their friend they hadn't seen in years and you made them cut the conversation short because you wanted to go home?


    "Cool, you went to school together and were best friends until she ran away with the circus never to be seen again until today... Can we get pizza on the way home?"

    Remember when you made your parents spend their weekends with your friend's parents?


    And assumed they'd just be automatic friends because they all had kids, even though the other parents took soccer at least one million times more seriously than yours.

    Remember that first time someone made an inappropriate comment about you and your parents totally called them out on it?

    The CW

    "She's 15, buddy. Back right off."

    Remember your parents reactions when you had to confess the reason you didn't want to go to school was because the class bully had decided it was your turn?

    Warner Brows

    And they had to use all their strength not to march right into the school and obliterate them.

    Remember hoping your parents could make sense of feelings you couldn't possibly comprehend?


    And being told it was totally your crush's loss, of course.

    Remember those times you actually yelled at your parents?


    Like, in the meanest way you've ever yelled at anyone?

    Remember when your parents tried their hardest to like the stuff you liked, so they had something else to talk to you about?


    And you told them they "just didn't get it"?

    Remember when they tried to tell you about music they used to listen to?


    Because it actually sounded exactly the same as what you were listening to - not that you ever gave it a chance.

    Remember when your parents made sure you had a jumper in your bag because it was going to be cold out later?


    And you ignored them, then froze.

    Remember every car trip?


    Remember telling your parents to just STOP TALKING?


    Remember the constant venting to your friends?


    Remember this?



    Then go on. Call your parents already. Tell them thank you. That you're sorry. And that you love them.


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