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23 Things All Beauty Addicts Are Tired Of Hearing

"But you look so pretty without all that make-up on."

1. "I actually prefer the no-make-up look."

2. "Why do you wear so much make-up?"

3. "How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?"

4. "How long does it take you to wash all that off at night?"

5. "I don't think anyone looks good in red lipstick."

6. "I could never be bothered doing all of that in the morning."

7. "How did you learn to do all that?"

8. "How much money do you actually spend on make-up?"

9. "So you spent THAT much on a lipstick?"

10. "Don't you get make-up on everything?"

11. "Your make-up's fine but that girl looks like she's wearing a mask."

12. "Are they your real eyelashes?"

13. "I tried to do my eyeliner like that once, but it was way too hard."

Practice makes perfect. So, like, maybe you should practice?

14. "Why do you need so many shades of blush?"

15. "These five nail polishes all look exactly the same."

16. "I would never spend that much on foundation."

17. "Do you really need 18 shades of gold eyeshadow?"

Um, do you think I got this eye using the one eyeshadow palette? Try three.

18. "Does anyone actually watch these ~beauty vloggers~?"

19. "How do you get anything done with those nails?"

20. "You spend how much on your nails?!"

21. "Did you know you can get that for $10 from Target?"

22. "Why don't you just wear the same fragrance every day?"

23. "You look so much prettier without all that make-up on."