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17 Times Australian Food Was So Extra In 2016

At least there were no milkshakes.

1. When the "new and improved" Shapes arrived and left everyone shook.

@kristianne18 / Via

The people protested and eventually got their old faves back.

2. When Halal Snack Packs sprung into the limelight.

@chubbles__ / Via

The official Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society now has over 183,000 members.

3. This 2.4-metre, 75-kilogram snack pack was eventually made.

@taystev / Via

4. And then the vegan HSPs began to appear.

Gyan Yankovich

5. When insane doughnuts became the new milkshakes.

Elisa Pie

The ~freakshake~ was so 2015.

6. And Messina claimed their new ice cream flavour was "better than a pill at Stereo".

@robbie_bucic / Via

7. When this Golden Gaytime burger made an appearance at a food truck festival.

Kayter Co

8. Then these It's Always A Gay Time doughnuts came into existence.

Doughnut Time

9. And when the ~gaynetto~ was invented at last.

@laurabelle_23 / Via

10. When someone decided to start serving blue algae lattes for $8 each.

@matcha_mylkbar / Via

Melbourne, aye.

11. And rainbow coffee art arrived too. / Via

Fancy and frothy af.

12. When Hungry Jack's claimed to have invented seagull-repellant chip packets.

Gyan Yankovich

13. And when polling places took their democracy sausages to a whole new level.

@CharisChang2 / Via Twitter: @CharisChang2

14. When someone made the decision to start serving meat pie parmas.

@berettas_langwarrin / Via

Yeah, nah.

15. When fairy bread ice creams blessed everyone's lives.

@megdashmade / Via

16. When a Sydney café made the biggest big breakfast.

@liselleey_ / Via

17. And when Australians were introduced to the ~hamdog~.

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