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17 One-Piece Swimsuits That'll Make You Forget That Bikinis Even Exist

*Fire emoji burns for eternity.*

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All prices in this post are listed in Australian dollars.

1. This Lonely one-piece that would look good on any body.

2. And this fancy white number that's pretty bloody cute.


3. This golden swimsuit that's flashy af.

4. This swimsuit that Robyn Lawley designed.

5. This white lace-up cossie from Bras n Things.

6. And this perfect swimming staple from Asos.


7. This playsuit that won't come undone in the waves.

8. This Nookie swimsuit that's all party in the back.

9. This practical but pretty black one-piece.

10. And this long-sleeve one that will match the sunset.


11. This black design that will make you feel classy as hell.

12. And this black and white one that won't go out of style.

13. This pastel Mink Pink one-piece with a cut-out back.

14. This shibori-style swimdress.

15. And this Baku swimsuit that has cut-out sides.

16. This Asos cossie that will satisfy your pom pom addiction.

17. And this Jets one-piece that's better than any bikini you've ever owned.